Salon-boat Marie Zurlohe

The Marie Zurlohe is an authentic salon boat dating from the year 1912. The ship belongs to one of the loveliest (smaller) salon boats in its class in the country and is extremely suitable for a cruise with a maximum of 12 passengers. There are lots of possibilities on board for this favourite. From cruising to a luxury haute cuisine dinner, a festive private affair or a business meeting. The Marie Zurlohe has a charming wooden interior with facet-cut windows and extraordinary upholstery. There are many conveniences on board such as a private bar, toilet, decorative lighting, heating and a music system. Welcome on board and cruise the Amsterdam canals in style!

Start rate: 2 hours 470,- ex 9% vat
Follow-up rate: 127,50 per half hour

Boat info

  • Maximum 12 persons
  • Seated dinner 8 persons
  • Bar on board
  • Open rear deck
  • Heated salon
  • 100% electric
  • Toilet on board

Custom quote

Request a free custom quote without any obligation according to your personal wishes and program.

Food and beverages

Dutch warm snacks
8 pieces
Assortment fried snacks
Vegan bitterballen
8 pieces
Vegan Samosa’s
8 pieces
Shrimp croquettes
8 pieces
Made by Cas Spijkers
Dutch cold snacks
12 piecesminimum 5 portions
Assortment of cheeses and meats
5 different raw vegetables with dip
Bread with spreads
2 slices of bread with different tapenades
Table bites
per person
Nuts, olives and cheese crisps
12 pieces
Fine de Claire de Bretagne, with red wine vinegar and lemon
Cheese platter
2 persons
Combination of different Dutch and foreign cheeses with garnishes
Charcuterie platter
2 persons
Assortment luxury sausage and meats with bread, olives and dip
10 pieces
Cream cheese and salmon, tuna salad, artichoke and hummus, prosciutto and green asparagus, potato salad with quail egg
Tapas platter cold
4 persons
Combination of Dutch and foreign cheeses and meats with melon, artichoke, olives and bread with dip
Tapas platter warm
4 persons
Assortment of warm tapas: chicken legs piri piri, albondigas, gamba’s,
kippenpootjes piri piri, albondigas, gamba’s,
cod croquettes and patatas brava
Sushi platter
54 pieces
Assortment of sushi:
– Specialmaki California crab
– Specialmaki California salmon
– Specialmaki spicy shrimp
– Nigiri salmon
– Nigiri tuna
– Maki salmon
– Maki tuna
– Maki cucumber

*All prices are excluding 9% vat

Healthy lunch
Consisting of sourdough bread, banana bread, quinoa salad, vegetable juice.
Lunch complete
Consisting of an assortment of mini-sandwiches,
croissant, fruit salad and orange juice.
per piece
Varied sandwiches topped with meats and cheeses
Sandwich Deluxe
Luxurious topped Waldkorn and Italian buns
Sandwich superior
Assortment of rich and luxurious topped Italian buns, Ciabatta and Paves
250 gram portions, selection of:
• Greek salad with feta and olives
• Arugula chicken salad with home-made
mustard dressing
• Truffle pasta salad with wild spinach
• Roseval salad with radish, cress and avocado
• Quinoa salad with fresh herbs, mango and
Fresh fruit juice (0.33L)
Orange Juice, Apple juice, Pear juice
Fresh fruit juice Deluxe (0.33L)
Mango juice, Raspberry juice, Strawberry juice, Forest fruit juice
High Tea
Scones with clotted cream and lemon curd
Muffin with fresh fruits

Sandwich with homemade egg salad and truffle
Sandwich with smoked beef, cave-ripened cheese and pesto
Sandwich with salmon, cream cheese, arugula, dill and capers

Mini spinach goat cheese quiche
Chicken wrap with avocado

Including different types of tea including fresh mint tea

Price per menu, Min. 5 persons

*All prices are excluding 9% vat.

3-course dinner on board
A deliciously served 3-course dinner where the choices only have to be made onboard. Every season a changing menu with choices between meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.
2-course dinner on board
A deliciously served 3-course dinner where the choices only have to be made onboard. Every season a changing menu with choices between meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.
Walking Dinner
A selection of 6 dishes in handy portions from the current menu is served in 3 separate courses. This way you can enjoy a full dinner at a high level, but you are not bound to a seat or table. Ideal for larger groups.
Walking Dinner Vegetarian
A selection of 6 dishes in handy portions from the current menu is served in 3 separate courses. This way you can enjoy a full dinner at a high level, but you are not bound to a seat or table. Ideal for larger groups.
Indonesisch buffet
From 10 persons

Daging Bali Spicy beef
Sayur Lodeh vegetables prepared in coconut milk with temp
Ajam Ritja Chickfilet in spicy sauce

Ajam Opor – Chickfilet in coconut milk
Foe yong hai Fried eggs in sweet and sour sauce
Gado Gado Mix of vegetables in sate sauce

Sambal goreng kentang fried spicy potatoe pieces
Atjar Ketimoen Indonesian salad
Vegetables / Krupuk / Rice en fried mie

Extra items:
Chicken saté with sauce €3,60 p.p.
Shrimps €3,60 p.p.
Indonesian layer cake € 3,00 p.p.
Italiaans buffet
From 8 persons

Bread with butter and olive oil
Caprese salad: tomato, mozzarella, pesto and pine kernels
Vitello tonato: fricandeau of veal with tuna mayonnaise, capers and fresh herbs
Salad of grilled vegetables with sheep cheese and balsamic dressing
Antipasti with: mortadella, olives, grapes, pecorino, artichoke and croutons

Risotto frutti di mare: richly filled seafood risotto
Ravioli brasato with stewed ossobucco and gremolata
Mediterraanse buffet
From 8 persons

Nicoise salad with tuna, small potatoes, haricot verts, quail egg and anchovy
Couscous tabouleh with feta, coriander salsa and green olives
Prosciutto with green asparagus, grilled artichoke, roasted paprika and tahini sauce
Mezze assortment with prosciutto, boccocini mozzarella, mini-vine tomatoes, peppadew and melon

Brandade de bacalhau au gratin with capers and arugula
Turkish pasta with a spicy sauce of minced lamb, ratatouille, tomato and smoked paprika with aioli
Hollands buffet
From 8 persons

Dutch herring with onions and pickles
Amsterdam sausages with Kesbeke sweet and sour
Raw vegetable salad with Egmonds goat cheese
Cocktail of crayfish and Dutch shrimps

Season stew with smoked sausage or veal meatball and gravy of beef
Roasted sea bass with potatoes, carrots, peas and white wine sauce
Keizersgracht buffet
Minimum quantity order 20

Do you want you and your guests to enjoy a truly luxurious and extensive buffet? Choose the Keizersgracht buffet option.

Cold dishes
– Beef carpaccio, truffle mayonnaise, Parmesan crunch, capers
– Vitello Tonato salad, thinly sliced ​​veal, tuna salad, red onion gel, fried arugula, tuna mayonnaise, capers
– Buffalo mozzarella, old tomatoes, herb oil, fresh basil
– Classic caesar salad, grilled chicken, caesar dressing, parmesan crunch, mango vinaigrette, crispy roman lettuce, homemade sourdough croutons
– Artisanal salmon salad, salmon ceviche, smoked mackerel
– bread, dips, butter

Warm dishes
– Marinated chicken thighs satay with sate sauce
– Flat Iron Steak sous vide cooked, jus de veau, green asparagus, mushrooms
– Vegetarian lasagne, eggplant, zucchini, minced mushrooms and truffle oil
– Skrei, grilled fennel, buerre blanc, salsa verde and peas
– Roseval potatoes from the oven with garden herbs
– Yellow rice, spring onion, bok choy, bell pepper
Dessert in glas
Heerlijk zoet dessert, makkelijk staand te nuttigen

*All prices are excluding 9% vat.

*All prices are excluding 9% vat.

Standard bar
Heineken beer3,50
Housewine per bottle (from)29,50
Soft drinks & Juices3,50
Table water (75cl)
Aqua panna or San Pellegrino
By request
Alcohol-free beer3,67
Rum, Whiskey, Vodka etc.5,79
Winelist from…25,62
Bar packages
Open bar p.p. per hour
Beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea and water
Beverage tokens3,50
*Other prices upon request
*Bringing your own drinks is not allowed on salon- and canal boats. (excluding wines / champagne for corkage)

Standard boarding location

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