Food & Drinks

Coffee etagere – 2 pieces per person – minimum order 15 persons
Mixed pastry platter of homemade cakes & sweets
– Mini muffins
– Coconut macaroon
– Chocolate truffles
– Brownie
– Date cake
– Cheesecake
– Mango tartlet
Cakes & pies
Cake or pie of your choice
– Apple pie
– Whipped cream cake
– Mocha pie
– Cheesecake
– Chocolate cake

These delicious freshly made lunches can be ordered for 8 persons or more. For smaller groups, you can pre-order from the Sandwich Bar here. Just let us know what you would like and we’ll pick up your order for you.

Sandwich lunch 1 – per person
– Ciabatta beef carpaccio with pesto, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese
– Dark farmers bread sandwich with homemade tuna salad
– Fresh fruit salad
– Homemade chocolate brownie
Sandwich lunch 2 – per person
– Dark bread roll serrano ham with arugula and tapenade
– Pasta salad with pesto, grilled vegetables and chicken
– Tartelette with truffle mushrooms (warm)
– Flan berries with meringue
Sandwich Lunch 3 (Vegetarian) – per person
– Half a wrap with humus, lettuce and cucumber
– Mini sandwich with young cheese and mustard mayonnaise
– Bread roll Caprese; mozzarella, tomato and pesto
– Fresh fruit salad
Sandwich Lunch 4 – per person
– Bagel with smoked salmon, Italian cream cheese and lime mayonnaise
– Multigrain roll with Old Amsterdam cheese and tomato tapenade
– Ceasar salad, little gem, homemade croutons, egg, traditional dressing and Parmesan cheese
– White chocolate mousse with chocolate decoration
Lunch / Brunch buffet Classic – per person
– Delicious homemade soup of choice
– Several luxury soft- and crusty mini sandwiches (2 pp)
– Luxury meat platter
– Luxury cheese platter
– Half a wrap with carpaccio, pesto, pine nuts and fresh Parmesan cheese
– Artisan bread with homemade truffle-egg salad
– Fresh fruit salad
Lunch buffet Enjoy – per person
– Delicious homemade soup of choice with a homemade breadstick
– Several luxury soft- and crusty mini sandwiches (2,5 pp)
– Platter with smoked salmon and citrus mayonnaise
– Luxury meat- and cheese platter
– Double sandwich with homemade tuna salad
– Several one-bite wraps (carpaccio, roast beef, Caprese)
– Caesar Salad with little gem, freshly boiled eggs, homemade croutons and fresh Parmesan cheese
High Tea Classic – per person – minimum 8 persons
– Brown mini sandwich with roast beef, truffle mayonnaise and fresh Parmesan cheese
– Vegetarian mini sandwich, bread from spinach and tomato filled with buffalo mozzarella, tomato and fresh pesto
– White mini sandwich with smoked salmon, lobster mayonnaise, thinly sliced cucumber and caviar
– Scones with clotted cream and jam
– Homemade mini muffin
– Homemade brownie
– Homemade flan
– Chocolates
– Different types of tea
High Tea Enjoy – per person – minimum 8 persons
– Mini sandwich with ham and Zaandam mustard sauce
– Crusty mini sandwiches filled with e.g. Carpaccio, goat cheese and smoked salmon
– Pinwheel sandwich with tomato, halibut and horseradish cream
– One-bite wraps (Caprese, roast beef and smoked chicken)
– Scones with clotted cream and jam
– Fresh fruit salad with whipped cream
– Several macarons
– Homemade flan
– Homemade cheesecake
– Chocolate truffles
– Different types of tea

The Short Menu

Bits & bites that can be ordered up to 24 hrs before the cruise and are picked up along the way.

Table bites – one serving sufficient for 2-4 persons
per serving with:
– Mixed nuts melange
– Olives
– Cheese crisps
Bitterballen – portion of 8 pieces
Bitterballen is one of Holland’s favourite snacks. This crispy, deep-fried bite-size ball of meat gravy is to be eaten with good savoury mustard. As bitterballen are best eaten steaming hot we will pick them up during the cruise at one of the restaurants located on the canals.9,50
Snack platter cold per portion 
4 x beef sausage,
4 x salami,
4 x young cheese,
4 x old cheese
Snack platter warm per portion

2 x bitterbal,
2 x cheese soufflé.
2 x vegetarian springrolls,
2 x spicy chicken springrolls
(all snacks can also be ordered separately per portion of 8) 
Other hot snacks, 8 pieces per serving
Vegetarian bitterballen 9,50 per serving
Vegetarian samosas 9,50 per serving
Shrimp croquettes 13,50 per serving

* All snacks are served with matching sauces and / or garnish  
Canapés 5 items, 2 per serving
Cream cheese & salmon 
Tuna salad 
Artichoke & humus 
Prosciutto & green asparagus 
Potato salad with quail egg 
4 types of foreign sausage/ham with olives and sweet and sour
Dutch cheeses 
5 types of Dutch cheese with apple syrup, walnuts and fig bread 
Dutch fish platter mixed
2 x Dutch herring, 1 side steamed mackerel, ± 100 gr smoked salmon, 2 glasses of crayfish cocktail 
Dutch herring
4 pieces of Dutch herring with onions and pickles 
Fruits de mer
Cooked mussels – 2 scallops – 2 prawns – shellfish cocktail – smoked salmon with croutons, sweet and sour and various sauces 
12 pieces Fine de Claire de Bretagne with lemon and red wine vinegar 
Mediterranean plateau
Combination of various kinds of cheese and sausages with olives, artichoke, melon and bread with dip 
Tapas platter
4 x Chicken Piri Piri, 4 pieces of albondigas, 4 pieces of prawn croquette, 4 pieces of calamari, 4 pieces of peppadew and 4 pieces of bread with aioli

The Group Menu

Catering for larger groups. Can be ordered up to 4 days before your cruise. Minimum order 150,-

Snack plateau – for 8 persons – minimum order 3 plateaus
– Different kinds of bread and baguettes
– 4 types of dip
– Cucumber and sweet pepper
– Old Amsterdam cheese
– Italian raw ham
– Wrap lollipop caprese and spicy chicken
– Olives
– Luxury mixed nuts
Partysnacks – platter of 45 party snacks – minimum order 2 platters
– One-bite wrap with carpaccio and pesto, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese
– One-bite wrap with smoked salmon and citrus mayonnaise
– Crusty bowl made from dough filled with tuna salad, red union and capers
– Crostini with chicken salad and pineapple
– Blue cheese lollipop with a crunch of pecan nut
Luxury bites 1 – platter of 45 luxury bites – minimum order 2 platters
– Baked tuna lollipop with sesame and wasabi
– Appetizer glass with shrimp and salsa of tomato, garlic, onion and capers
– Duck liver mousse lollipop with orange coulis
– Chicken from Barneveld with a salsa of chilli and spring onion
– Cream cheese lollipop with nut crunch
Luxury bites 2 – Platter of 45 luxury bites – minimum order 2 platters
– Smoked salmon marinated in beetroot with green asparagus and horseradish cream
– Tartar from sea bass with lemon and coriander
– Pancake from spinach, smoked duck breast and orange
– Steak tartar with truffle mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese
– Mousse from blue cheese and fresh fig
Luxury Bites – Make your own selection
Order from 9 pieces per type. Minimal order amount 45 snacks, price per snack
– Smoked salmon marinated in beetroot with caviar and citrus mayonnaise
– Shrimp with salsa from tomato, garlic, onion and capers
– Baked tuna lollipop with sesame and wasabi
– Shrimp and Coppa di Parma skewer
– Tartar from sea bass with lemon and coriander
– Pancake from spinach, smoked duck breast and orange
– Steak tartar with truffle mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese
– Veal roast with tuna mayonnaise and capers
– Duck liver mousse lollipop with orange coulis
– Chicken from Barneveld with a salsa of chili and spring onion
– Frittata van paddenstoelen met truffel en bos ui
– Lolly Caprese, Versie 2.0
– Mini broodje olijventapenade
– Mousse van blauwe kaas met verse vijg
– Lolly van roomkaas met notencrunch
Minimum order 20 pieces (per 10 bruschetta’s), price per piece
– Bruschetta Italiano, tomato salsa, red onion and garlic
– Bruschetta Carpaccio, pesto, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese
– Bruschetta smoked salmon with citrus sour cream and – yellow tomato
– Bruschetta tuna, homemade tuna salad with three-colour peppers and fried capers
– Bruschetta farm brie with cream cheese, black olive tapenade and cress
– Bruschetta blue cheese with tomato chutney and fig
– Bruschetta truffle-egg salad with green asparagus
Tapas platterper 4 persons
Chorizo, Fuet sausage 
Serrano ham 
Manchego cheese 
Pinxto Spanish ham with caramelized goat cheese
Frittata with chorizo 
Lolly fresh tuna with sesame and wasabi 
Caramelized nuts 
Baguette and crostini’s
Aioli, pesto and herb butter 
Albondigas, meatballs in spicy tomato sauce
Skewer gamba with tomato salsa 
Italian platter – Per 4 persons
Different Italian meats 
Marinated olives
Pizza sticks
Bruschetta tuna salad with capers and red onion
Green pepper with cream cheese
Carpaccio with pesto, arugula and Parmesan cheese 
Skewer Caprese, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil
Italian filled bread 
Crostini’s and picco’s
Bits & Bites – create your own mix
Order from 8 pieces per type, minimum order 20 pieces, price per piece
1. Steak tartar with fried quail egg and allspice mayonnaise
2. Gambas with antiboise
3. Oriental meatball with oriental sauce and sesame (warm)
4. Bruschetta XL with roast beef, truffle mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese
5. Mini sandwich with smoked salmon and citrus
6. Amuse slide filled with blue cheese and fresh fig
7. Mini sandwich cucumber, cream cheese and grilled zucchini
8. Italian savoury muffin with pesto, mozzarella and tomato
9. Omelet with serrano ham and spinach
10. Salmon tartare with lobster mayonnaise
11. Truffle Velouté (warm)
12. Frittata XL with curry
13. Soup of zucchini and blue cheese (warm)
14. Bruschetta XL Vitello Tonato
15. Asparagus soup (spring and summer)
16. Marinated Oriental steak fried in sesame
17. Yakatori 2 p.p. (warm)
18. Spicy chicken with brioche, quail egg and pimento
19. Tartelettes (warm), choice of;
– Smoked salmon
– Chicken/pesto
– Mushroom/truffle
– Caprese
If served as a full meal, order at least 8 bites per person

The dinner cruise menu can ordered on board á la carte and will be picked up during the cruise from Van de Kaart restaurant on the Prinsengracht. They are specialized in boat dinners and have an outstanding reputation for service and quality.

Three Course Menu

– Smoked salmon with green herb mayonnaise, capers, crostini and salmon caviar 
– Bresaola carpaccio with buffalo mozzarella, arugula salsa, focaccia croutons and a balsamic dressing 
– Tatin of roasted vegetables with tzatziki curd and little gem salad 

Main courses 

– Steamed sea bass with polenta, boquerones, salsa verde and fennel and dill salad
– Confit of beef brisket with Pommes gratin, green asparagus, small beef croquette and gravy 
– Duck and pear ravioli with shiitake, pak soy, edamame and gravy from duck and teriyaki 
– Stir-fried gnocchi with sea lavender, antiboise dressing, garden peas and mesclun salad 


– Shortbread of chocolate and hazelnut with bavarois of quark, citrus and mango 
– Selection of Dutch and foreign cheeses with fig bread, walnuts, grapes and apple syrup 

All the courses can be ordered a la carte onboard.

*Also available as a 2-course dinner (without starter) for 42,50 per person
Seasonal buffet Spring / Summer- per person – (minimum 8)
– Quinoa salad with arugula, radish, 3 colors of bell pepper and coriander
– Pasta salad with crayfish, yellow tomato, cucumber and spring onion
– Green salad with avocado, chicken, cucumber and cherry tomato
– Caesar salad ,little gem, fresh eggs, homemade croutons, Parmesan cheese and a traditional dressing

– Fried cod in a sauce of sun-dried tomato and samphire
– Beef Stroganoff
– Paella with vegetables and fresh herbs
– Spring vegetable mix of fennel, carrot, peas
– Sweet potato with leek, zucchini and minced meat
– Rozeval potatoes with sea salt and Italian herbs

Dessert: Supplement 7,50 per person
Summer tiramisu with white chocolate and strawberries
Bella Italia Buffet – per person (minimum 8)
– Salad Italia, Pasta salad with rocket, olives, grilled vegetables, Gorgonzola and balsamic vinegar
– Carpaccio salad with pesto, pine nuts, sud ’n sol tomato and fresh Parmesan cheese
– Bruschetta Italiano, tomato salsa, red onion and garlic
Salad with Italian tiger prawns marinated in garlic
– Bruschetta Caprese, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil
– Several tapenades, olive oil, aioli and garlic butter
– Sliced ciabatta

– Italian meatballs in eggplant-tomato sauce
– Saltimbocca, veal with Serrano ham in a saffron sauce
– Lasagna with smoked salmon and spinach
– Pasta Tricolore with seafood, zucchini and mushrooms
– Cannelloni with spinach and ricotta topped with melted cheese

Dessert: Supplement 7,50 per person
– Panna cotta with red fruit

*Wine suggestions:
White wine: Pinot Grigio, Cavazza (Italië, Veneto) €28,50
Red wine: Barbera d’Asti l’Avvocata, Coppo (Italië, Piëmonte) €37,50
International Bestsellers Buffet – per person – (minimum 8)
– Carpaccio salad from tenderloin with pesto, pine nuts, rocket and Parmesan cheese
– Caesar salad with grilled chicken, homemade croutons, fresh egg and Parmesan cheese
– Roseval potato salad with rolled beef en truffle mayonnaise
– Salad with cucumber, feta, tomato and olives
– Baguettes and ciabatta
– Garlic butter

– Paella with different vegetables and seafood
– Rolled chicken in a star anise sauce
– Grilled salmon in a saffron sauce
– Vegetarian lasagna with spinach and blue cheese
– Potato oven dish
– Grilled vegetable mix
– White rice

Dessert Supplement: 7,50 per persoon
– Cheesecake with white chocolate

Wine suggestions:
White wine: Pouilly Fuissé Vieilles Vignes, Vessigaud (Frankrijk, Bourgogne) €39,50
Red wine: Côtes du Rhône rouge, Domaines des Chanssaud (Frankrijk, Rhône) €34,50
Tapas Buffet – per person – (minimum 8)
– Serrano ham met mozzarella and basil
– Blini with grilled zucchini and goat cheese cream
– Spanish meat platter
– Manchego cheese
– Cold tortilla with potato and zucchini
– Marinated olives
– Baguette, garlic butter and aioli

– Patatas Bravas, potato’s from the oven with a spicy pesto sauce
– Spanish vegetables with fresh herbs
– Albondigas, Spanish meatballs with an eggplant and tomato sauce
– Spicy marinated chicken thighs
– Squid with antiboise
– Mushrooms with herbs and garlic

*Wine suggestions:
White wine: Grüner Veltliner Steinberz, Weingut Waltner (Oostenrijk, Wagram) €32,50
Red wine: Somontano tinto roble, Bodegas Estada (Spanje, Somontano) €28,50
Vegetarian Buffet – per person – (minimum 8)
– Quinoa salad with abricot, rocket, avocado and roasted almonds
– Beetroot salad with goatcheese, parsley and lemon
– Chickpea salad with dates, sesame, carrot, cucumber and coriander
– Bread with different kinds of dip

– Creamy linguine with mushrooms, parsley and Parmesan
– Sweet potato frittata with zucchini, feta and pine nuts
– Vegetarian chicken Stroganoff
– Potatoes baked in the oven with thyme and seasalt
– Grilled vegetables

*Vegan is also possible
Walking Dinner Italia – per person – minimum 8 pers
– Appetizer spoon Caprese, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and pesto
– Vitello Tonnato platter with homemade tuna mayonnaise and capers
– Carpaccio from grilled eggplant with goat cheese, tomato and balsamic topping
– Skewer with Italian marinated prawns
– Baked plaice filet with risotto and peas
– Saltimbocca, veal with Serrano ham and truffle gravy
– Blue cheese lollipop
– White chocolate mousse with red fruit
Walking Dinner, create your own – minimum 8 pers
Starters (you may choose 3 dishes)
– Sliced salmon with citrus mayonnaise and caviar
– Skewer with prawn and an antiboise dressing
– Cup of truffle velouté with Dutch mushrooms
– Beef carpaccio with pesto, sundried tomato, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and rocket
– Vitello Tonato, veil with homemade tuna salad, capers, red onions and Dutch lettuce
– Salad Caprese, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil

Main courses (you may choose 2 dishes)
– Baked cod with risotto and three-colour peppers
– Beef stew with potato mousseline
– Paella with chicken and vegetables (also available in a vegetarian version)
– Grilled salmon with dragon pasta and a scale- and shellfish sauce
– Sliced round steak met potato cake and truffle gravy
– Pork tenderloin with rocket stew
– Vegetarian lasagna with blue cheese and spinach lasagna

Desserts (you may choose 1 dish)
– White chocolate mousse with a chocolate decoration
– Traditional tiramisu
– Mango flan
– Cheese curd with red fruit
– Fresh fruit salad with whipped cream

6 courses, price per person € 42,50
7 courses, price per person € 44,50
8 courses, price per person € 48,50

* Chef support: € 35,00 per chef per hour. Hours are calculated from door to door and are always carried out on the basis of subsequent costing. Parking costs are charged one-on-one.

Vanaf 8 personen of in combinatie met buffet

Amuse dessert – per person (2 glasses) – minimum 10 pers
– Vanilla custard with passion fruit
– Tiramisu
– Mango mousse with bastogne
– Chocoduo, brown and white chocolate mousse with crunch
– Fresh fruit salad
Dessert buffet – minimum 10 persons
The dessert buffet has a varying assortment of homemade desserts (2 p.p.), examples:
– Vanilla custard with limoncello
– Homemade tartlet of forest fruit
– White chocolate mousse with choco flake and Bastogne crunch
– Brownie with walnuts
– Cheesecake with red fruit
* From 10 persons or in combination with a buffet
Standard bar
Heineken beer3,50
Housewine per bottle (from)29,50
Soft drinks & Juices3,50
Table water (75cl)
Aqua panna or San Pellegrino
By request
Alcohol-free beer3,67
Rum, Whiskey, Vodka etc.5,79
Winelist from…25,62
Bar packages
Open bar p.p. per hour
Beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea and water
Beverage tokens3,50
*Other prices upon request
*Bringing your own drinks is not allowed on salon- and canal boats. (excluding wines / champagne for corkage)
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