Coffee and tea with luxury pastries – € 6,50 p.p.
Assortment (2pp) of homemade sweets: mini muffins, coconut macaroon, madeleine,
chocolate cake and date cake
Cakes & pies
– Mini muffin and brownie – €4,95 p.p.
– Petit fours – €5,95 p.p.
– Personalized petit fours – €6,75 p.p.
– Cakes & pies (choice of apple pie, cheese cake, whipped cream cake, chocolate pie) – €5,75 p.p.
Lunch menu 1 – €21,50 p.p.
Soup of the day
3 different mini sandwiches with luxury toppings p.p.
Petit grand dessert
Lunch menu 2 – €26,50 p.p.
Salad of the day
Sandwiches (2 p.p.):
– Goat cheese, fig, rocket salad, honey
– Smashed avocado, chili flakes, rocket salad
– Spicy chicken, harissa dressing, pepper
Frittata: sweet potato, red onion, feta, rosemary
Fresh smoothie
Dutch Lunch – € 18,50 p.p. minimum 8 persons
Bun with various Dutch toppings such as young cheese, egg salad, ham, and garnish
Artisan corn sandwich with chicken, cheese, cucumber, tomato, and lettuce
Green salad with baked tomato, cucumber, and homemade croutons
Luxury Lunch – € 24,75 p.p. minimum 8 persons
Range of soft and hard mini sandwiches (2 pp) with luxury toppings such as:
Carpaccio with pesto
Vitello tonnato
Spicy chicken salad
Tuna salad
Italian 2-coloured bread with luxury toppings such as:
Roast beef with truffle mayonnaise
Egg truffle salad
Aged cheese with tapenade
Ham and cheese
Smoked salmon
Green salad with chicken, bacon, egg, vegetables, Parmesan cheese, and dressing
Bread to share with garlic butter and hummus
Fresh fruit salad
Lunch buffet Belle – € 34,50 p.p. minimum 8 persons
Vitello Tonnato, veal roast with homemade tuna mayonnaise
Salad from potato with roast beef and truffle mayonnaise
Pasta salad of tricolor pasta with pesto, pine nuts, and grilled vegetables
Greek salad with feta, red onion, cucumber, and tomato
Baguettes and ciabattas
Garlic butter and tapenade
Tender chicken thighs in Oriental sauce with sesame, Chinese cabbage, and shiitake
Baked monkfish met roasted tomato in pesto sauce
Eggplant tomato stew with grated cheese
Steamed seasonal vegetable mix
Oven-baked potato’s
Soups – € 5,50 p.p. minimum 8 persons
Italian tomato soup (V), vegetable soup (V), Truffle soup, Asparagus soup (Summer),
Zucchini soup (V), Pumpkin soup (V), Chicken soup, and Split pea soup (Winter).
Includes baguettes and garlic butter. The soups with (V) are vegetarian
High Tea Deluxe – € 27,50 p.p
minimum 8 persons
Hard mini bun with matured cheese, sweet pepper, and honey mustard dressing
Half a wrap with carpaccio, truffle mayonnaise, and fresh Parmesan cheese
Half a wrap with chicken pesto
Mini sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber
Bruschetta Italiano, tomato salsa, red onion and capers
Tartlet Caprese, mozzarella, tomato, and pesto (hot)
Scones with clotted cream and jam
Several macarons
Mini muffin
Mini brownie
Mini cake with red fruit
Chocolate truffles
Tea is including
Table bites – € 13,50 per set of 3
per serving with:
– Mixed nuts melange
– Olives
– Cheese crisps
per set sufficient for 2-4 persons
Snack platter cold – € 12,50 per portion
4 x beef sausage,
4 x salami,
4 x young cheese,
4 x old cheese
Snack platter warm – € 12,50 per portion
2 x bitterball,
2 x cheese soufflé.
2 x vegetarian spring rolls,
2 x spicy chicken spring rolls
(all snacks can also be ordered separately per portion of 8) 
Bitterballen – € 12,50 per serving
Bitterballen is one of the Dutch’s favorite snacks. This crispy, deep-fried meat and ragout snack is to be eaten with good savory mustard. As bitterballen are best eaten steaming hot we will pick them up during the cruise at one of the restaurants on the canals.
8 x bitterball per serving
Vegetarian bitterballen – € 12.50 per serving
8 x Vegetarian bitterballen
Truffel-risotto bitterballen – € 13,50 per serving
8 x Truffel-risotto bitterballen
Vegan samosa’s – € 16,00 per serving
8 x Vegan samosa’s
Shrimp croquettes – € 17,00 per serving
8 x Shrimp croquettes 
Charcuterie – 17,50 per serving
4 types of sausage/ham with olives and garnish
Dutch cheeses – € 17,50 per serving
5 types of Dutch cheese with apple syrup, walnuts, and fig bread 
Bread with dips – € 9,50 per serving
6 rolls with humus, aioli en muhammara
Healthy platter for 2 persons – €19,50
Snack-cucumber, radish, cocktail tomatoes and mixed olives with hummus
Mixed fish platter for 2 persons – € 30,-
2 x glass of shrimp cocktail, 4 x gamba, ± 200 gr smoked salmon, cooked mussels and pepper mackerel, with lemon and various sauces 
Mediterranean plateau – € 30,-
Combination of various kinds of cheese and sausages with olives, artichoke, melon, and bread with dip 
Tapas platter – € 30,-
4 x Chicken Piri Piri, 4 pieces of albondigas, 4 pieces of prawn croquette, 4 pieces of calamari, 4 pieces of peppadew, and 4 pieces of bread with aioli
Oysters – € 45,- per platter
12 pieces Fine de Claire de Bretagne with lemon and red wine vinegar 
Dutch herring – € 17,50 per serving
4 pieces of Dutch herring with onions and pickles 
Minimum order 150,-
Tapas platter (45 pieces) – € 87,50 per platter
Blini with mozzarella and serrano ham
Lollipop one-bite wrap homemade tuna salad
Spicy meatball (cold)
Skewer green olives
Amuse-bouche prawn with antiboise
Vegetarian platter (45 pieces) – € 87,50 per platter
One bite wrap with goat cheese, walnuts, spinach, and honey
Crusty cup with olive tapenade and vegetable chips
Cream cheese lollipop with Japanese nut crunch
Crostini Caprese, tomato, pesto, and buffalo mozzarella
Naan bread with homemade humus, beetroot, yogurt cream, and rocket
Luxury platter Mondriaan (45 pieces) – € 87,50 per platter
Edible appetizer spoon with carpaccio, pesto, and Parmesan cheese
Blini with smoked salmon, citrus, and caviar
Homemade humus met radish and a little crunch
Crunchy canapé with fresh tuna and wasabi
One bite wrap spicy chicken with sriracha
Luxury platter Vermeer (45 pieces) – € 87,50 per platter
Brioche with serrano ham and duck liver
Edible shell with Norwegian shrimp and saffron
Steak tartare with truffle mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese
Naan bread with brie, mint, and strawberry
One bite wrap tuna salad with tricolor bell pepper and capers

The dinner cruise menu can be ordered on board á la carte and will be picked up during the cruise from Van de Kaart restaurant on the Prinsengracht. They are specialized in boat dinners and have an outstanding reputation for service and quality.

Three Course Menu – 59,50 p.p.


Albacore tuna tartare with sesame, cucumber, ponzu mayonnaise and wasabi cracker
Cecina de Leon, Spanish smoked beef with bocconcini mozzarella, balsamico syrup, olive oil and crostini
Homemade baba ganoush with grilled sweet pepper and artichoke with pine nuts, coriander salsa and grilled pita crouton (vegan)

Main courses 
Lobster bouillabaisse with Dutch mussels, cod fish and prawns, served with rouille and baguette
Guinea fowl rouleau with sauerkraut potato terrine, bacon, poultry gravy and porcini mushrooms
Venison civet stewed in Guinness ‘en croute’ with pommes mousseline, carrot and celeriac
Pasta paccheri with mixed wild mushrooms, truffle tapenade and truffle pecorino from the oven (vegetarian, also vegan possible)

Shortcut pastry gianduja & eggnog bavarois with orange infused whipped cream 
Selection of Dutch and foreign cheeses with fig bread, walnuts, grapes and apple syrup 

All the courses can be ordered a la carte onboard.

*This option can also be ordered vegetarian 
Also available as a 2-course dinner (without starter) for 47,50 per person
Italian buffet – € 29,75 p.p.
Carpaccio salad, beef carpaccio, rocket, pesto, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes and
Parmesan cheese
Salad Caprese, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, and pesto
– Extra salad added with a minimum of 15 persons: Ravioli salad with goat cheese, walnuts, Aceto balsamico and rucola
– Second extra salad added with a minimum of 30 persons: Vitello tonnato, homemade tuna salad with veal

Baguette, pesto aioli, and garlic butter
Traditional Lasagna
Tricolour pasta with grilled vegetables and a creamy sauce with spinach
Grilled salmon with a sauce of shellfish
Buffet Royal – € 29,75 p.p.
Salad with smoked chicken, avocado, cucumber, and cherry tomato
Pasta salad with smoked salmon, radish, beetroot, and sour cream
– Extra salad added with a minimum of 15 persons: Salad with roasted pumpkin, sunflower seeds, and dried apricots
– Second extra salad added with a minimum of 30 persons: Asian salad with beef strips, beansprouts, and paksoi
Baguette with garlic butter

Paella with vegetables, chicken, and seafood (vegetarian option also available)
Baked codfish with tomato, red onion, and caper salsa
Ravioli with mushrooms and a creamy truffle sauce
Roseval potatoes from the oven with French green beans
French Mediterranean buffet – € 29,75 p.p.
Tuna salad with green beans, red onion, olives, potato, and egg
Mediterranean salad with sundried tomatoes pine nuts, olives, and brie
– Extra salad added with a minimum of 15 persons: Cesar salad with little gem, eggs, homemade croutons, parmesan and traditional dressing
– Second extra salad added with a minimum of 30 persons: Tricolour pasta with marinated chicken, pesto, and grilled vegetables

Baguette and garlic butter
Provencal chicken with zucchini and tomatoes
Stew with seasonal fish and vegetables
Vegetarian lasagna with brie
Bonne femme, a mix of potato, red onion, mushrooms, and tarragon
Tapas buffet – € 29,75 p.p.
Roll of Serrano ham with mozzarella, basil, and Aceto balsamic vinegar
Cold tortilla from potato and zucchini
Bruschetta with a tomato salad
Manchego cheese
Pieces of various Spanish sausages and ham
Ciabatta with garlic butter, aioli, pesto aioli, tapenade
Patatas Bravas, spicy potatoes from the oven with tomato sauce
Spanish meatballs in truffle gravy
Marinated chicken with garlic and soy sauce
Mushrooms in garlic oil
Buffet Belle – € 32,50 p.p.
Vitello Tonnato, veal with homemade tuna mayonnaise and tuna salad
Salad from potato with roast beef and truffle mayonnaise
Pasta salad of tricolor pasta with pesto, pine nuts, and grilled vegetables
Greek salad with feta, red onion, cucumber, and tomato
Baguette and ciabatta with garlic butter and tapenade
Tender chicken thighs in Oriental sauce with sesame, Chinese cabbage, and shiitake
Baked monkfish with baked tomato in a pesto sauce
Eggplant tomato dish with grated cheese
Steamed vegetable mix with seasonal vegetables
Oven-baked potatoes
Organic buffet – € 35,00 p.p
Salad with roasted tomato, French beans, and sesame dressing
Green salad with cooked pumpkin, apple and Aceto balsamic vinegar
Biological bread and garlic butter
Biological chicken thigh with piri piri sauce and tricolor pepper
Pasta with stir-fried vegetables and olive tapenade
Meatballs in tomato eggplant sauce
White rice
Biological vegetable mix
Halal buffet – € 29,50 p.p.
Tabbouleh salad with tomato, cucumber, and mint
Caesar salad, little gem, eggs, homemade croutons, Parmesan, and traditional dressing
Turkish bread, garlic butter, hummus, and baba ganoush
Baked salmon with a saffron sauce
Grilled eggplant and zucchini with a tomato sauce
Marinated chicken with coriander and lime
Potato gratin
Black Angus burger – € 19,50 p.p.
Black Angus burger 200gr on a brioche bun with salad, bacon, tomato, caramelized onion, pickles, mayonaise, cheddar and french fries
Beyond Meat burger (vegan) – € 19,50 p.p.
Vegan Beyond meat burger on a brioche bun with salad, bacon, tomato, caramelized onion, pickles, vegan mayonaise, and french fries
Dessertbuffet – € 8,90 p.p. minimum 8 persons
The dessert buffet consists of a range of homemade desserts (2 pp) such as:
Homemade brownie with walnuts
White chocolate mousse with chocolate decoration
Mango pie with merengue and mint
Curd with limoncello
Forest fruit pie with merengue and strawberry
We decorate the dessert buffet with whipped cream, strawberries, chocolates, and mint.
Cheese plate – € 10,00 p.p minimum 8 persons
Three sorts of French cheese (firm cheese, soft and creamy cheese, and blue cheese),
nut bread, fresh figs, Aceto balsamico, and walnuts.