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Salon-boat Zonneboot

The “Zonneboot” or “Sun” boat as it translates is a small floating gem on the canals of Amsterdam. With a capacity of 12, this luxurious salon boat running on solar energy has been fitted with every comfort. Come rain or shine, and experience fantastic moments on this showpiece. If the sun suddenly breaks through, the inner roof can be opened in a few seconds or if there is an unexpected shower it can be closed allowing you to sit dry and comfortably inside.

Rental information

  • Maximum 12 persons
  • Dinner / Lunch 6 persons
  • Starting rate: 330,- for 1,5 hrs
  • Follow-up rate: 165,- per hour
  • Rates are ex 9% vat

About this boat

  • Bar on board
  • Removable windows
  • Open rear deck
  • Sliding roof
  • Heated salon
  • Silent electric boat
  • Food & drinks

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Standard boarding location: pier at Singel 359

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