City Tenders

The four City Tenders, Vondel, Couperus, Multatuli and Bredero, all named after famous Dutch writers, were built in 2007 following a request from local government to design environmentally friendly ships for the canals of Amsterdam. Next to the obvious benefits of electric boats our guests really appreciate the noiseless character of these boats. The City Tenders are specially designed for the canals offering optimal comfort and flexibility for various types of canal cruises in Amsterdam.

Boat info

  • Minimum rental periode 2 hr’s
  • Local experienced captain
  • Includes a hostess onboard
  • Maximum 60 persons
  • Buffet 45 persons
  • Sitting dinner 35 persons
  • Bar with hot and cold drinks
  • Removable windows
  • Heated interior
  • Toilet on board
  • Silent electric boat
  • 220 v available onboard

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Food and Drinks onboard

Cakes & pies
Cake or pie of your choice:
– Apple pie
– Whipped cream cake
– Mocha pie
– Cheesecake
– Chocolatecake

* All prices are excluding 9% vat.
Table bites
per person
– Mixed nuts melange
– Olives
– Cheese crisps
portion of 8 pieces
Bitterballen are one of Hollands favourite snacks. This crispy, deep-fried bite size ball of meat gravy is to be eaten with a good savoury mustard. As bitterballen are best eaten piping hot we will pick them up during the cruise at one of the restaurants located on the canals.
Dutch cold snacks
per portion
– Beef sausage
– Old cheese
– Young cheese
– Mustard
Dutch warm snacks
per portion of 8 pieces
Mixed appetizers with mustard and chili sauce, portion of 8 pieces
per portion, 6 different bites, 2 per kind
– Olives, bread and aioli
– Abondigas in tomato sauce
– Marinated gamba’s with garlic and red pepper
– Chickenwings piri piri
– Calamaris with lemon
– Peppadew filled with cream cheese

* All prices are excluding 9% vat.

Sandiwch lunch 1
per person
– Ciabatta beef carpaccio with pesto, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese
– Dark farmers bread sandwich with homemade tuna salad
– Fresh fruit salad
– Homemade chocolate brownie
Sandwich lunch 2
per person
– Dark bread roll serrano ham with arugula and tapenade
– Pasta salad with pesto, grilled vegetables and chicken
– Tartelette with truffle mushrooms (warm)
– Flan berries with meringue
Sandwich Lunch 3 (Vegetarian)
per person
– Half a wrap with humus, lettuce and cucumber
– Mini sandwich with young cheese and mustard mayonnaise
– Bread roll Caprese; mozzarella, tomato and pesto
– Fresh fruit salad
Sandwich Lunch 4
per person
– Bagel with smoked salmon, Italian cream cheese and lime mayonnaise
– Multigrain roll with Old Amsterdam cheese and tomato tapenade
– Ceasar salad, little gem, homemade croutons, egg, traditional dressing and Parmesan cheese
– White chocolate mousse with chocolate decoration
High Tea Classic
per person
– Brown mini sandwich with roast beef, truffle mayonnaise and fresh Parmesan cheese
– Vegetarian mini sandwich, bread from spinach and tomato filled with buffalo mozzarella, tomato and fresh pesto
– White mini sandwich with smoked salmon, lobster mayonnaise, thinly sliced cucumber and caviar
– Scones with clotted cream and jam
– Homemade mini muffin
– Homemade brownie
– Homemade flan
– Chocolates
– Different types of tea
High Tea Enjoy
per person
– Mini sandwich with ham and Zaandam mustard sauce
– Crusty mini sandwiches filled with e.g. Carpaccio, goat cheese and smoked salmon
– Pinwheel sandwich with tomato, halibut and horseradish cream
– One-bite wraps (Caprese, roast beef and smoked chicken)
– Scones with clotted cream and jam
– Fresh fruit salad with whipped cream
– Several macarons
– Homemade flan
– Homemade cheesecake
– Chocolate truffles
– Different types of tea
* All the lunch and high tea possibilities can be ordered from 4 persons. Are you with less than 4 persons? Please ask us for the possibilities.
* All prices are excluding 9% vat.
Three Course Menu

– Salad Surf & Turf, mesclun lettuce, beef and crayfish
– Tartar of salmon, poached egg and a biscuit of wasabi
– Tabouleh with feta, olives and mint

Main Course
– Bouillabaisse, Classic meal soup of shellfish, season vegetables, baguette and rouille
– Boeuff Bourguignon, Beef stew with carrots, confit of silver onion, floury potatoes and its own gravy
– Ravioli from aubergine with grilled vegetables, puffed garlic, Parmesan cheese and smoked tomato consommé

– Cheese platter with 3 types of cheese and nut bread
– Vanilla custard with passion fruit
– Tony Chocolony mousse with pecan nuts and raspberry

Please let us know the choices for starters and desserts in advance.
The main course can be ordered a la carte onboard.

*Also available as 2 course dinner (without starter) for 41,50 per person
* All prices are excluding 9% vat.
Standard bar
Heineken beer2,73
Housewine per bottle (from)22,73
Soft drinks & Juices2,71
Table water (75cl)
Aqua panna or San Pellegrino
On request
Alcoholfree beer3,67
Rum, Whiskey, Vodka etc.5,04
Winelist from…25,62
Bar packages
Open bar p.p. per hour
Beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea and water
Beverage tokens2,89
*Other prices upon request
*Bringing your own drinks is not allowed on salon- and canal boats. (excluding wines / champagne for corkage)
Standard bar
Heineken beer3,30
House wine per bottle (from)27,50
Soft drinks and juices2,95
Table water (75cl)
Aqua Panna or San Pellegrino
On request
Alcoholfree beer4,00
Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, etc.6,10
Winelist from…31,00
Bar packages
Open bar p.p. per hour
Beer, wine, softdrinks, coffee, tea and water
Beverage tokens3,50
*Other prices upon request
*Bringing your own drinks is not allowed on salon- and canal boats. (excluding wines / champagne for corkage)

Pier at Singel 359 (Standard boarding location)

> Other boarding locations

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