Steamship Succes

Holland’s oldest steam ship still in use. The essence of Dutch splendour! Perfect for large and small gatherings, private and corporate. 

The SS Succes is furbished in the style of the luxurious passenger ships of the early 20th century, with leather sofas, teak, copper, crystal and many art deco details. Sailing in style is our motto.
The steamer has two classic salons and offers space for up to 150 guests. The intimate upper salon has a leather oval sofa with captain’s table and a private bar. Around 40 people can enjoy the wonderful views here. In fine weather there are ample benches outside on the sun deck.

The salon downstairs seats up to 70 people and has a spacious bar and a dance floor. Also here, large windows provide a fantastic panorama view of the surroundings. The kitchen, cloakroom and toilets are also situated on this deck.

Boat info

  • Starting rate 3 hours 2250,- ex 9% vat
  • Additional hours 375,- per hr ex 9% vat
  • Maximum 150 persons
  • Full service bar and catering
  • Open deck
  • Heated interior
  • 220 v available onboard
  • Cruising Range: Waterways around Amsterdam, Markermeer, all of Netherlands

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Food and beverages

Table bites
Per person

– Luxury mixed nuts
– Cheese
– Crips of forgotten vegetables
Tapas platter
45 bites
Blini with mozzarella and serranoham
Lolly onebite wrap home made tuna salad
Spicy meatball (cold)
Skewer with green olives
Amuse glass with gamba and antiboise
Vegetarian platter
45 bites
Onebite wrap with goat cheese, walnut, spinach and honey
Homemade olive tapenade with crispy biscuit
Cream cheese lollipop with Japanese nut crunch
Crostini caprese, tomato, pesto and buffalo mozzarella
Naan bread with hummus, beet, yoghurt cream and arugula
Luxury platter Mondriaan
45 bites
Appetizer spoon with carpaccio, pesto and Parmesan cheese
Blini with smoked salmon, citrus and caviar
Homemade hummus with radish and crispy
Crispy canape with fresh tuna and wasabi
One bite wrap spicy chicken with sriracha
Luxury platter Vermeer
45 bites
Brioche with serrano ham and duck liver
Shell with Norwegian shrimps and saffron
Steak tartare with truffle mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese
Naan bread with brie, mint and strawberry
One bite wrap tuna salad with three colors of bell pepper and capers

*All prices are excluding 9% vat.

Lunch mini’s
Lunch mini’s: Range (5 pp) of hard and soft mini buns, mini sandwiches, mini wraps and mini bruschetta’s with various luxury meats, cheeses and salads like: € 12,75
– Beef carpaccio/pesto/pine nuts/fresh Parmesan
– Homemade salmon salad and tri-colour pepper
– Vitello Tonnato: tuna salad with veal
– Roast beef/truffle mayonnaise
– Egg truffle salad
– Chicken/avocado
– Matured cheese/truffle mayonnaise
– Caprese: buffalo mozzarella/tomato/pesto
Dutch lunch
– A mix of rolls, corn and dark brown sandwiches served with various Dutch fillings with matching garnishes such as: Roast beef, young cheese, egg salad and farmer’s ham
– Green salad with tomato, cucumber and homemade croutons
Extensive lunch
– Assortment of filled mini sandwiches (two per person) with luxury toppings such as: Beef carpaccio with pesto, vitello tonnato, spicy chicken salad, tuna salad, fricandeau and caprese
– Italian two-color bread with luxury toppings such as: Roast beef with truffle mayonnaise, truffle egg salad, matured cheese tapenade, healthy and smoked salmon
– Green salad with chicken, bacon, egg, various vegetables, Parmesan cheese and dressing
– Bread with herb butter and humus
– Fresh fruit salad
Lunch buffet Belle
Vitello Tonnato, Veal with homemade tuna mayonnaise
Potato salad with roast beef and truffle mayonnaise
Pasta salad, tricolor pasta with pesto, pine nuts and grilled vegetables
Greek salad with feta, red onion, cucumber and tomato
Baguette and ciabattas with herb butter and tapenade

Tender chicken thigh in an Oriental sauce with sesame, bok choy and shiitake
Fried monkfish with roasted tomato in a pesto sauce
Eggplant-tomato dish, au gratin with cheese
Steamed vegetable mix of seasonal vegetables
Baked potatoes from the oven
Italian tomato soup (V)
Vegetable soup (V)
Truffle soup
Zucchini soup (V)
Pumpkin soup (V)
Chicken soup
Asparagus soup (summer)
Pea soup (winter)
Includes baguette and herb butter
Luxury High Tea
Mini sandwich old cheese with bell pepper and honey mustard dressing
One bite wrap carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise and fresh Parmesan cheese
One bite wrap chicken pesto
Mini sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber
Bruschetta Italiano, tomato salsa, red onion and capers
Tartelette Caprese, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and pesto (warm)

Scones with clotted cream and jam
Assortment of macarons
Mini muffin
Mini brownie
Mini forest fruit tart
Chocolate truffles

Tea is included with this luxury High Tea

*All prices are excluding 9% vat.

Bits & Bites dinner, per 10 pieces
Mini pita with lettuce, ham and mustard mayonnaise
Mini pita with homemade tapenade and grilled vegetables (v)
Mini focaccia old cheese, pesto, sundried tomato (v)
Bruschetta with homemade humus vegetables crispy (v)
Bruschetta brie, mint and strawberry (v)
Bruschetta beef carpaccio with pesto, pine nuts and fresh Parmesan cheese
Mini sandwich with chicken, avocado and radish
Mini sandwich with smoked salmon, cucumber and citrus
Italian savory muffin with mozzarella, pesto and tomato (v)
Omelette with serrano ham and spinach
Vitello Tonnato: consists of veal with tuna sauce
Crostini with spinach, blue cheese, pear and walnut (v)
Frittata of mushrooms with truffle and spring onion (v)
Gambas with a salsa of tomato, garlic, onion and capers
Spicy chicken with brioche and allspice mayonnaise
Steak tartare with fried quail egg and allspice mayonnaise
Marinated oriental steak fried in sesame

Seasonal soup (v)
Spicy bell pepper soup (v)
Falafel balls (v) (two per person)
Yakitori with colored prawn crackers (two per person)
Oriental meatballs with Oriental sauce and sesame (two per person)
Chicken satay with satay sauce and baguette (two per person)

White chocolate mousse with Bastogne crunch
Raspberry flan with white chocolate flakes
Brownie with walnuts and strawberry
Tiramisu mousse

For a full meal Bits & Bites dinner, we recommend to order at least ten bites per person.
Italian buffet
Beef carpaccio salad, arugula, pesto, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese
Caprese salad, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, pesto
Ravioli salad with goat cheese, walnuts, aceto balsamic vinegar and arugula
Vitello tonnato, homemade tuna salad with veal
Baguette, pesto aioli and herb butter

Traditional Lasagna
Tricolor pasta with grilled vegetables and a creamy spinach sauce
Grilled salmon with a sauce of shellfish
Royal Buffet
Salad with smoked chicken, avocado, cucumber and cherry tomato
Pasta salad with smoked salmon, radish, beetroot and crème fraîche
Salad with roasted pumpkin, sunflower seeds and dried apricots
Asian salad with steak, bean sprouts and bok choy
French bread with herb butter

Paella with vegetables, chicken and seafood (also available vegetarian or without fish)
Baked cod with a tomato, red onion and capers salsa
Ravioli with mushrooms and a creamy truffle sauce
Roseval potatoes from the oven with haricots verts
Tapas buffet
Roll of serrano ham with mozzarella, basil and aceto balsamic vinegar
Cold potato and zucchini tortilla
Bruschetta with a tomato salsa
Manchego cheese
Pieces of Spanish sausage and ham
Ciabatta with herb butter, aioli, pesto aioli and tapenade

Patatas Bravas, spicy potatoes from the oven with tomato sauce
Spanish meatballs in a truffle gravy
Polo con salsa, chicken in spicy sauce
Mushrooms in a garlic oil
Organic buffet
Salad with roasted tomato, green beans and sesame dressing
Green salad with pumpkin, apple and aceto balsamic vinegar
Organic bread and herb butter

Organic chicken thigh with piri piri sauce and three colors of bell pepper
Pasta with stir-fried vegetables and olive tapenade
Meatballs in a tomato-eggplant sauce
White rice
Organic vegetable mix
Homemade Paté de campagne with apricot, pickle and toasted country bread
Home smoked salmon tartare with giant prawn à la Piri Piri, herb crème fraîche and fennel salad with lime zest
Salad of Du Puy lentils, heart of palm, little gem with a dressing of sherry vinegar with spring onion and crispy phyllo dough
Main Courses:
Roasted guinea fowl fillet with homemade guinea fowl sausage and lobster with sauerkraut pie, piccalilli and own gravy
Scottish steak with black pepper cream sauce, fried butter beans with bacon and wafer chips
Sea bass fillet with bouillabaisse sauce, shrimp croquette and samphire
Ravioli filled with Dutch goat cheese and cauliflower cream, green asparagus tips, herb oil and Gouda cheese crisp
Cream of white chocolate and cardamom with lemongrass ‘’hangop’’ and almond muffin
Selection of fine cheeses
Complementary wine package €29,50 per person
To complete your dinner we advise to add the complementary wine package with a sparkling reception and with every course a special complementary wine.
Dinner by Lute (live cooking)

Steak tartare – crostini – piccalilli mayonnaise
Cod “smoked” – cucumber marshmallow – avocado
Tuna – bulger – beet – kafir lime – black prawn crackers
Sea bass ceviche – kimchi – red quinoa – herb chips
Salad of prawns – tomato – crispy apple
Avocado “flower” – soy wasabi foam – red grapefruit (vegetarian)
Duck breast with asparagus – noodles – pumpkin toffee
Poussin with lentils “Le Puy” – red mustard
Tenderloin – truffle – duck liver – Dauphine potato (supplement € 7.50 p.p.)
Duck leg confit – hoisin – onion – bok choy
Veal fillet rendang style – kimchi – coconut – crispy onions
Cod fillet – wild rice – mousseline – chicory

Tarte tatin with brownie, matcha cremeux and merengue
Chocolate with salted caramel and mocha foam
Crème brûlée – Elstar – yoghurt crunch
Cheese platter with garnishes

3 courses of live cooking from € 69.00 per person
4 courses of live cooking from € 79.00 per person

*Please choose one menu for the whole group. Of course we will take all dietary requirement into account, please let us know 5 days before the boat cruise.

This price is based on 20 people or more. For a smaller group, we charge a surcharge of € 25.00 per person.
Vanaf 69,00
Dessert buffet 
An assortment (two per person) of homemade desserts:
– Homemade brownie with walnuts
– White chocolate mousse with a chocolate chip
– Tiramisu
– Mango tartlet with merengue and mint
– Vanilla yoghurt with limoncello
– Forest fruit tart with merengue and strawberry
We prepare the dessert buffet with whipped cream, strawberries, chocolates and mint.
Cheese platter
Three different kinds of French cheese
Bread with nuts
Fresh figs
Aceto balsamico
Open bar*, per person
Open bar, 1 hr € 12,50
Open bar, 2 hrs € 20,00
Open bar, 3 hrs € 22,50
Open bar, 4 hrs € 25,50
Open bar, 5 hrs € 30,00
* National bar: beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee & tea
From 12,50 per person
Coffee, tea and espresso2,50
Latte macchiato2,90
Irish coffee9,00
Hot chocolate2,90
Soft drinks2,70
Alcohol free beer2,75
Bockbeer/ seasonal beer4,20
Martini, sherry and port4,75
Rum, Vodka, etc5,50
Cognac V.S.O.P, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniels6,75
Cocktails (served in a longdrink glass)9,50
Gin Tonic (served in a longdrink glass)11,50

*All prices are excluding vat

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