75 persons Bota Fogo

Bota Fogo

Salon Barge Bota Fogo dates from 1890 and has been completely renovated into a beautiful & luxurious boat for tours through the canals of Amsterdam and its surroundings in 2007. The ship has a roof that can be open so you can enjoy the sun and be outside if the weather is good, but it can also be closed when necessary. This boat can be used as a sailing barge dinner location which is a very special experience. Obviously the historical Bota Fogo also ideal for get-togethers by its favorable capacity of up to 75 people.

Bota Fogo

349 per hour ex 9% vat

  • Minimum rental periode 2 hr’s
  • Local experienced captain
  • Includes a hostess onboard
  • Maximum 75 persons
  • Buffet 50 persons
  • Sitting dinner 36 persons
  • Bar with hot and cold drinks
  • Removable roof
  • Heated interior
  • Toilet on board
  • Silent electric boat
  • 220 v available onboard



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